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Find out which data we store and analyze.

Our website makes use of cookies. Cookies are small encrypted files  stored by websites on devices for the purpose of logging and improving the websites’ usability.

They enable website operators to identify user preferences by analyzing the data collected, diagnose technical problems, analyze developments over time, and improve the overall usability of their website for visitors.

On most browsers, you can choose whether or not you allow cookies to be stored. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, set your browser preferences to reject all cookies before visiting our website. Please note that you may then no longer be able to use some of the functions on our websites.

We use Google Analytics to track visits to our website. It’s a service that records what pages you view, how you came to our site, and some basic information about the device you’re viewing it on.

Data in Google Analytics is anonymized, meaning we never know who you are.

We collect this information to understand how different parts of our site perform, how they arrive at it, and to ultimately improve our site for everyone.

You can learn more about privacy in Google Analytics or download a tool to opt out of tracking. Google Analytics data is automatically deleted 26 months after your last visit.