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Lipis Advisors have long been recognized as thought-leaders in the field of payments and have authored numerous whitepapers over the past two decades that explore the changing payments landscape. On this page, you’ll find our handpicked whitepapers, both self-produced and in partnership with other industry leaders. To inquire about partnering on a whitepaper or contracting Lipis Advisors to produce a whitepaper for your organization, please contact us.

Marketing potential

A good whitepaper is specific and audience-sensitive, and aims to help readers remain relevant and competitive. Whitepapers also create excellent marketing opportunities for their authors.

Recognized knowledge

In an increasingly digital era where conference chit-chat has been replaced by virtual webinars, a good whitepaper is an industry litmus test for separating the truly knowledgeable from the hype producers.

Trends and processes

Whether you need to understand today’s payment trends or consider how to advance your payment processes to meet the demands of modern commerce, Lipis Advisors has covered the topic.

Our whitepapers

2020, Lipis Advisors
Navigating the rapidly evolving payments landscape: getting policies and technology right.

In an era of digital leapfrogging and rapid payments development, it’s important to understand the basics of payment system design. This whitepaper aims to answer the “why” implicit in the development of new payment systems. Lipis Advisors presents a multi-phased approach for payments modernization efforts that highlights potential financial stability risks, benefits to different stakeholders, and challenges that may be faced in implementation.


Sponsored whitepapers

2020, TietoEVRY

Accelerating Real-Time Payment Adoption

Lipis Advisors was sponsored by TietoEVRY to create a comprehensive look at the use-cases, value-added services, and real-world examples leading real-time payment adoption.

2019, Finastra

The Future of Payments in South Africa

Lipis Advisors was sponsored by Finastra to track how recent modernization efforts in South Africa and the South African Development Community (SADC) are affecting existing payments technology. This whitepaper looks at South Africa within the context of global payment trends, major stakeholder groups, and the future of payments in the region.

2019, ACI Worldwide

Get More from Real-Time

Lipis Advisors worked in partnership with ACI to respond to the convergence of real-time payments and open banking. This powerful duo will surely have a lasting effect on the future of payments and introduces new opportunities in an increasingly dynamic market. This whitepaper takes a strategic look at the implications of open banking for various stakeholders, how it will affect the consumer expectations, and what decisions must be made to adapt to a changing landscape.


Working with payments professionals, of the caliber of Lipis Advisors, makes it easy to bring complex whitepapers to life.


Lipis Advisors has created numerous thought-provoking, accessible and well-received whitepapers for our organization.


Our latest insights

What we’re up to: A selection of our recent activities and exclusive insights from our experts.

Instant payments finally gaining traction in Germany

Our CEO, Leo Lipis, was interviewed by Deutsche Welle to talk about how banks in Germany are finally enabling private account holders and businesses to ...

Case study
The instant payment scene in South Africa — the complete case study

This document is the final artefact in a major research effort on payment system modernisation sponsored by BankservAfrica and PASA.

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