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Our team has over 50 years of experience in the payment industry. We are experts in over 60 markets across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Read our advisors' latest news about payment ecosystems around the world.

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Fraud prevention and mitigation

As instant payments grow, so has the need for effective fraud prevention and mitigation. We compare how various actors in the industry prevent fraud and reduce its impact.

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Digital currencies

More and more central banks are studying central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). We weigh the opportunities and risks of upendinging traditional business models with digital currencies.

Instant payments

Real-time payments are becoming commonplace for more people every day. We analyze how instant payments can be easier and more useful, and can speak to initiatives around the globe.

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Cross-border payments

XB and cross-currency payments are the next frontier. We discuss how to grow your business, lower costs and stay ahead of the curve in technology and products offered.

Our latest insights

What we’re up to: A selection of our recent activities and exclusive insights from our experts.

3 Key Challenges European Banks Face in Payments

European banks face challenges, from sanctions to compliance. Read about the top three here.

2024 Business Payment Trends

Leo Lipis' cross-border evolution and other predictions about business payment trends in 2024.

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