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Cross-border payments news

Cross-border and cross-currency payments are the next frontier. Lipis Advisors consults on how XB payments can grow our clients' businesses, lower their costs, and stay ahead of the curve in technology and products offered. Read the latest news from our payment advisors.

Impact of the SWIFT Ban on Russia

Deutsche Welle TV interviews Leo Lipis in January 2022 about how effective Western countries' SWIFT ban on Russia will be in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Why Fintechs and Banks are Working Together for Global Connectivity

Leo Lipis speaks with Currencycloud about emerging real-time payment corridors, the path to global connectivity via cross-border payments, and why big banks no longer see Fintechs as the enemy.

What a SWIFT Ban Could Mean for Russia

As Russia-Ukraine tensions were heating up in January 2022, R. Andrew Gomez tells VIXIO what cutting Russia off from the international financial messaging network SWIFT could mean, and what alternatives Russia could pursue.

Russia Prepared to Be Cut off from the West

Leo Lipis discusses the payment system that was still processing Russia's credit card transactions in April 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine with Fortune Magazine.