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Digital currency news

Our payment consultants help the industry understand what it needs to know about digital currencies so it can respond strategically. We educate clients about the opportunities CBDCs and other digital currencies create, as well as the risks of upending traditional business models. Read our latest news on digital currencies.

Stablecoins' Potential in the Machine-to-Machine Economy

Bonni Brodsky and David Tercero Lucas discuss stablecoins' potential in the machine-to-machine (M2M) economy with the Digital Euro Association. Based on their whitepaper, they talk about the benefits and drawbacks of M2M payments, use cases and the need for regulatory guidance.

Implications of Cryptocurrency Company Bankruptcies

Deutsche Welle Español asks our digital currencies expert David Tercero Lucas about the causes and implications of the recent bankruptcy of some crypto companies (in Spanish).

Security for Offline Payments

Listen to key insights on offline payment security from Bonni Brodsky, including offline security protocols, cryptographic signatures and software-based trusted environments, from our white paper Enabling Offline Payments in an Online World: Offline Payment Security with Crunchfish.

Design Choices for Offline Payments in an Online World

Bonni Brodsky shares highlights from our first white paper with Crunchfish on Enabling Offline Payments in an Online World: Design Choices. The webinar talks about the “why” behind offline payments and outlines design decisions.

Privacy Considerations for Offline Payments

David Tercero Lucas shares takeaways from our third white paper with Crunchfish on Enabling Offline Payments in an Online World: Privacy Considerations. We explore a potential benefit of offline payment functionality: enhanced user privacy.